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      • Harga sudah termasuk custom nama 1-6 huruf. Silahkan tulis catatan nama baby saat cek out.

      • Combination of silicone beads and beech wood beads
      • Silicone Beads are BPA, Phthalates, PVC and Lead FREE
      • Beech woods are natural, unpolished and untreated with chemicals
      • Can be tied to a pacifier, other teether or toy
      • Easily cleaned with damp towel or soapy water
      • Because of the wood texture, please do not sterilize or soak in hot water
      • Polish it with beeswax once in a while to maintain the condition of the wood
      • Beeswax is provided with a teether purchase only
      • Discard if there is crack or damage
      • Largest round wood bead in this clip is 19mm
      • About 25cm long; about 20g

      • Kombinasi bahan silikon dan kayu beech
      • Silikon bebas dari BPA, Phthalates, PVC and Lead
      • Kayu beech bahan alami, bebas kimia
      • Dilap dengan lap basah atau cuci dengan sedikit sabun 
      • Jangan steril, rendam atau cuci dengan air panas
      • Oleskan dengan minyak organik beeswax untuk merawat bahan kayu
      • Beeswax hanya diberikan untuk setiap pembelian kayu teether saja
      • Jangan dipakai kalau ada bagian yang rusak
      • Ukuran kayu yg besar di klip ini 19mm
      • panjang 25cm, 20g.