Customized Teething Accessories

Saat ini setiap produk yang mau custom nama atau ganti desain tidak dikenakan biaya. Gratis untuk 1 - 6 huruf. 10rb per huruf untuk tambahan selanjutnya. 

Jika harga clip di web 120rb, harga custom nama untuk 1-6 huruf tetap 120rb. 

There will be no additional charge for any pacifier clips that need customization. Choose a design from the category CLIPS, and we will add your baby’s name. Free for 6 letters. More than 6 letters, there will be an additional Rp10,000 per letter.

For example, if the price of the clip on the web is Rp120,000, the custom price of the clip including baby‘s name will remain at Rp120,000 for up to 6 letters.

Scroll below to see the selection of beads you may choose from. 

To custom, please contact customer service representative through WA 0811-919-2992 or Line: with @. We will be more than happy to help you. 

We are closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holiday. Any queries will be replied on Mon-Fri. 

Hexagon - 14mm

Hexagon - 17mm

Round - 12mm

Flowers + Butterfly

Flat Bead